Kylie Jenner's 10 Most Provocative Instagrams

In celebration of her 19th birthday, a look at the youngest Kardashian's most scandalous shots.
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Instagram competition is incredibly stiff within the Kardashian clan. You've got Kim with her endless duck facing, Khloé with her Facetune mastery, and Kendall with her naughty backstage model antics. 

But when it comes to being the most provocative, the youngest, Kylie Jenner, clearly takes the cake.

In the time leading up to her 19th birthday, young Kylie has really be stepping up her 'gram game. She's graduated from fingermouthing ingénue to full-blown belfie behemoth in just a matter of months.

But Kylie is not without controversy. She's been accused of cultural appropriation for several shots in which she sports "dreadlocks" and do-rags.

But it seems she can take the heat. Kylie continues to serve up the most risqué shots of anybody in her family, an extraordinary feat to say the least.