Kylie Jenner Stuns Instagram in a Smoking Hot See-Through Bra

She knows how to keep us coming back.
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Just Friday, Kylie Jenner blew us away in her hot pink bra, showing the rest of Instagram just how you do a sponsored post. Little did anyone know what else she had in store. The striking shot above shows Kylie in a thoughtful pose and reveals just enough to make you stop and stare. 

Technically these weren't sponsored unless Kylie herself could be considered the sponsor, as each post links the Instagram account for her own interest, @thekylieshop.

Hopefully Kylie's tactic succeeds, but of the millions of likes she's (naturally) received from fans on these photos, it's hard to not wonder how many paid attention to anything but the images themselves—they are pretty powerful, right down to the glitter of her nipple rings. 

Whatever her intention, Kylie certainly has a lock on ensuring return visits to her personal Insta. There's always something great to look at.