Kylie Jenner Gets a Lapdance in Miami, Sizzles in a Thong Bikini

This is how you handle winter blues.
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Sure, weather around the country is cooling off and it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. But it's still hot down in Miami, and if anything, Kylie Jenner just made it a little hotter. 

Kylie is on a Florida adventure, and fortunately for us she's chosen to use her personal Instagram as well as a separate Insta devoted to her Snapchat to keep her followers apprised as to what she's up to. Like hanging out at the pool. 

Kylie's been partying as well, and documenting that with Snapchat. They aren't as high-res as her killer Insta pics, but they have their own awesome feel, especially this video.

This made us a little nostalgic for the time Kylie cooked lasagna while clad in a thong on Snapchat, so be sure to take a look and reminisce.