Bid Farewell to Summer With 10 Scorching Pics of Models Celebrating Labor Day

It was fun while it lasted.

Summer is done, the long weekend is over, and you’re stuck back in your cubicle getting unsolicited whiffs of Carol from accounting’s pumpkin spice latte. But don’t slit your wrists yet! Instead, take a sexy look back at the Labor Day that was with the hottest pics of supermodels celebrating the holiday that honors… what does Labor Day honor again? Anyway, meet your new Instagram BFFs.

1. Kristina Basham

2. Blair O’Neal

3. Rocky Barnes

4. Kyla Grandy

5. Chantel Jeffries

6. Melody Le

7. Nicole Thorne

8. Brittney Palmer

9. Amberleigh West

10. Lena Martinson