Watching These Smokeshows Sip Fanta, Spank Each Other, and Play Twister Will Definitely Help You Celebrate Labor Day

Get in the holiday spirit.

Twister Babes
Image: Instagram/@chrisapplebaum

Filmmaker of food themed-erotica Chris Applebaum is back with another eye-popping set of clips, and this time, he’s treated us with a twofer featuring Instagram hotties Kayla Fitz and Dessie Mitcheson.

The usual sexy shenanigans we’ve grown to love from Applebaum ensue as the bombshell babes sensually sip Fanta, suck on Popsicles and slip in a playful spank or two. 

But then, we get something special: a girl-on-girl game of Twister. GENIUS.

That was fun! Now, time to cool down with more frozen treats.

The “Mitchfitzz”, as he calls them, are just as stunning solo as they are together. Head to their respective Instagram feeds to see what we mean. Here’s a sampling: