We Can't Get Enough of Smoking Hot Laci Kay Somers On Instagram

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In the Instagram shot above you may see all the reasons why actress, singer, and model Laci Kay Somers has over 7 million followers on the social media site. She's a stone cold stunner with striking blue eyes and curves for days, and the camera seems to love her from any angle. 

If Laci looks familiar it's because some publications have reported that she's hooking up with Tiger Woods. A profile of Laci in The Sun added personal trainer to her list of pursuits and related that she's an active musician who sings and plays piano daily. Laci—naturally, she's a California girl—has also said she was bullied as a child and that she's "scared of the dark and pool cleaners."

On her Facebook page Laci has revealed that she's into funny guys with tats who aren't afraid to mix it up with the iron in the gym. 

You can learn a lot more about Laci from her Youtube channel. Check out more choice shots from her Instagram below, you won't regret it.