Lady Gaga Steps Out in a Thong and Bra in This New Tom Ford Video

Wait, was that nip slip at the end?

Tom Ford does what he wants, when he wants. When he showed his first womenswear show under his own name, he banned cell phones. Last season, he uprooted his show from London to Los Angeles, and took most of the fashion world with him. This season he bypassed it all and instead dropped a video on his website. With Lady Gaga.

Yep, to show off his Spring 2016 womenswear collection the designer got a bunch of models together, threw them in an old fashioned Soul Train line and had Lady Gaga belt out her rendition of Chic’s “I Want Your Love.” The film was directed by fashion photographer Nick Knight, who is known for pushing fashion more and more into the tech and video space over at ShowStudio.

You’re here for Gaga in a bra and a thong, we know. Just stick around until the end and let us know whether that looked like a little nipple to you.

Photos by Ada/GC Images