This Stunning Model Is on a Crusade to Make Fashion Curvy Again

We’re with her.

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Let’s to be honest: we love a woman with curves. I mean, have you seen our near obsession with Iskra Lawrence? Don’t get us wrong, we love a slim girl, just as much as we love any one else which is why we just don’t understand why the fashion industry can’t get down with women of all sizes.

In a recent interview with Elle, 20-year-old Laney Degrasse discusses her struggle with modeling at a size 6. Not sure what that means body wise? Take a gander.

Why designers and brands wouldn’t want to see the Jag Models-represented talent in their clothes (or coming out of them) escapes us.

But Degrasse knows the answer: “Things didn’t really work out with me because of my thighs,” she told Elle of the start of her career in Colorado. Afterwards she tried the Houston market and ended up landing in New York. 

These thighs? Things didn’t work out with these thighs?!

The “problem” — let the record show that those are not our words because we have no problems with Degrasse’s amazing figure — has been that the industry has a designation for straight-size and plus-size models. Degrasse is in the middle of those. 

“As an ‘in-between’ model I’ve been called too skinny at a job,” she said. “I’m only a size six, and the standard in plus size modeling is a size 12, so it’s really, really hard for me to book jobs unless it’s something editorial.”
It’s not just Degrasse: Fellow agency model Iskra Lawrence has voiced similar concerns.

That said, the beautiful vixen has been booking shoots, and more importantly, loves the way she looks. 

“My favorite part of my body is probably my butt,” Degrasse told Elle. “I’ve always had a pretty big butt compared to my body. It’s kind of like a blessing and a curse because I feel like if I didn’t have my butt, I would do a lot more modeling, but at the same time I have to embrace it because it’s not going anywhere.”

We stand with you, Degrasse — and we never want it to go anywhere either.