We Stand With Large-Breasted Women Everywhere

Victoria’s Secret charges more for larger bra sizes. Here’s why that’s not okay.

Having large breasts isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Not only do they sometimes draw unwanted attention—eyes up here, thanks—they make it hard to wear certain clothing styles, and can even cause back pain.

But the latest indignity to befall those of ample bosom is a true outrage, and shockingly, it comes courtesy of a fashion brand otherwise known as a breast-haver’s ally. Victoria’s Secret, the world’s most beloved purveyor of lingerie, is charging a premium to customers whose cups runneth over. (Which means that you’ll also end up spending extra whenever you want to surprise your DD girlfriend with a sexy new bra.) 

According to Styleite, Victoria’s Secret charges extra for bras sized double D and up (the brand doesn’t even stock sizes E, F, G, and so on). So a bra that costs $45 for a 32B ends up costing a size 38DD woman $48. This $3 price increase may not seem like much, but it adds up! It is, simply put, a discriminatory Boob Tax. And if we gleaned anything from elementary school history class it’s that taxation without representation is not okay. 

Now, we’re not suggesting you storm your local Victoria’s Secret and throw their bras off an old wooden ship in the Boston Harbor (really, please, don’t do this). We love Victoria’s Secret. In fact, some of our bestfriends model for the brand.

But all breasts are created equal. Abolish the Boob Tax!

Photos by Getty Images