This Sexy One-Armed Woman’s Hilarious Jokes Have Made Her an Internet Sensation

Give her a hand.

It’s gotta be difficult to make light of your own traumatic injury, but one sexy San Diego woman has become an internet sensation for doing just that. 

The 20-year-old amputee, who goes by Lauren Duck on social media, told her terrifying story to Buzzfeed.

“I was going pretty fast on a moped and lost control of it, and I hit the median in the road. “I flew off and hit a sign and it sliced my arm off. I stayed conscious the whole time.”

By a stroke of luck, her life was saved by a police officer on the scene who had just received tourniquet training.

“I remember I asked the cop, ‘Hey, am I gonna die?’ and he said, ‘No, you’ll be fine,'” she said

Understandably, joking about the life-changing accident didn’t come easily at first. But recently, Lauren drunkenly penned a hilarious Tinder profile that went totally viral.

She lists her occupation as an “arms dealer” with a “20/10 personality” and “1/2 arms.”

“I got home pretty drunk, and I don’t remember typing it up really,” she said. “I just woke up to someone DM’ing me a Reddit post asking if it was me, and I was like damn, I guess it is.”  

She’s also already won Halloween…

…and has a Twitter feed brimming with more self-deprecating humor.

Did we mention she’s also a #FreeTheNipple advocate?

Damn! You keep doing you, Lauren. 

h/t: FHM