Lauren Storm

She’s one perfect Storm.

Lauren Storm took the world by, well, storm at a young age. “When I was 11 my mom signed me up for a talent competition in New York. I strutted down the catwalk in an all-denim ‘Texas tux’ that I thought was so cool.” Apparently, so did an agent, who signed Lauren up on the spot and launched a career that has included roles on shows like Boston Public, 24, Malcolm in the Middle (bondage scene with Frankie Muniz, anyone?), and now the new comedy I Love You, Beth Cooper. We met up with the lovely Lauren at an L.A. coffee shop, where she suggested we pay a midday visit to a nearby strip club. She was kidding…we think.

Chris Columbus has done monster hits like Home Alone and a few Harry Potter films. Now he’s cast you in I Love You, Beth Cooper.

Yes, I’m stoked. I Love You, Beth Cooper was a book by Larry Doyle, a writer-producer on The Simpsons. The gist is the nerdy valedictorian professes his love during his speech for the most beautiful girl in school (Hayden Panettiere). I play Treece, her slightly overweight idiot best friend, who’s a total

slut. In the book she’s described as a cartoon cow.

We heard there originally was a threesome scene in a Harry Potter film that Chris Columbus had to cut. Did he finally get to shoot his dream scene with you?

Yes, I do get into a threesome in the film. Me and Hayden’s other best friend force this guy to do it. They didn’t show much of it, and thank God! I would have looked like a big marshmallow naked in bed!

Thoughts on threesomes in general?

To each their own. It is an odd cultural thing. I mean, guys don’t usually hook up with their guy friends just for fun. But I think girls are pretty, they smell nice, they’re soft—I can get why girls do it. I think if you’re in a relationship, though, it can cause problems. But if you’re not in an exclusive relationship, hell, why not? I’m a fan of having fun safely.