The Lazy Man’s Guide to Valentine’s Day: Apology Guide

The emergency “I forgot V-Day” apology guide.


by family counselor and How To Be A Grown Up author Stacy Kaiser.

Admit your mistake immediately. “There is no way of winning this one: Just let her unload on you and get all her misery out until she stops. Just be submissive: It comes down to losing the battle to win the war.”

Show your remorse. “Ask her, ‘What do I need to do to make it up to you?’ Then do whatever she tells you¿no matter how unreasonable, you do it.”

Show you care. “Every woman loves a heartfelt letter. Not a card from the store: a real, pouring-your-heart-out love note. And make sure it’s handwritten: It shows effort and is very Valentine-y.”

Promise her a do-over on a different day. “Tell her, ‘I forgot Valentine’s Day, but I’m giving you a special day today,’ and shower her with everything you would’ve done for Valentine’s Day. If she really loves you, this may be the best way to weasel out of it.”

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