The Lazy Man’s Guide to Valentine’s Day: Emergency Lingerie-Buying Guide

Victoria’s Secret model Selita Ebanks is here to talk you through it.


For guys, purchasing panties is a confusing nightmare. Fortunately, Victoria’s Secret model and Maxim cover girl Selita Ebanks is here to talk you through it.

1. Get the size right.

“Guys normally get the cup size wrong—they always tend to exaggerate their woman’s breast size! Do your homework and sneak a peek at her lingerie while she’s in the shower to make sure you’re buying the right sizes. If your girl has big double-F boobs and you can’t find a bra that size, well, that’s a good problem! For her you can get a silk nightie with a very high slit.”

2. Buy what you want to see her in.

“It’s kind of a selfish gift, but any smart woman would want to wear what her significant other wants to see her in on Valentine’s Day: It’s steamier and sexier. For me there’s no line—it could be a maid costume, I don’t care—I think that’s pretty hot!”

3. Go all the way with it.

“Make sure you get the full ensemble. It’s not just about the bra and panties. Get the thigh-high lace stockings, and don’t hesitate to get the shoes to match. That’s the icing on the cake: You’ll be happy, and she’ll be happy. Give her options—get her three pieces and let her choose. That’s exciting!”

4. Find the right store.

“Victoria’s Secret makes things easy because there are so many good people to assist you. Agent Provocateur is more on the edgy side; it’s really sexy. And La Perla is for the more sophisticated, sexy woman: Its pieces are very delicate and flattering.”

5. Know your girlfriend.

“Get the style and color to suit your girl: You should know whether she likes hot pink as opposed to black. Red is a little cliché on Valentine’s Day, but whatever rocks your boat. I love to wear a teddy, I really do—maybe something with a little push-up, just a little something

sexy that’s understated but shows enough booty and cleavage.”

Check out Selita Ebanks’ video here

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