The Lazy Man’s Guide to Valentine’s Day: Emergency Romantic Weekend

Nothing says “I spent a fortune on this” quite like a weekend break.


Nothing says “I spent a fortune on this” quite like a weekend break. Travel expert and senior editor Jeanenne Tornatore gives us her top destination picks.

For: The New Girlfriend

Trip:City Break

Reason: City breaks are ideal for newer couples: There’s loads going on to distract from awkward silences, and you’re unlikely to get stuck talking to a long-term couple or, God forbid, a pair of newlyweds.

Tornatore suggests: “San Francisco. It has everything: shopping, dining, nightlife, and outdoor activities, like hiking and kayaking, complete with a romantic atmosphere from both its history and its position on the coast. If that’s too far, consider Chicago. It’s also known for having plenty

of great date restaurants, and there are a lot of fun neighborhoods to explore.”

For: The Long-Term Girlfriend

Trip:Winery Tour

Reason: Winery tours are perfect for a girlfriend you’re totally comfortable with—lots of hanging out, punctuated by moments of passionate inebriation.

Tornatore suggests: “Sonoma, California. You want the smaller, less commercial family-run wineries for a romantic trip, and Sonoma has more of those than Napa. Alternatively, try the North Fork of Long Island, New York: It has nearly 30 wineries and fantastic seafood and is just 75 miles from Manhattan. If you’re farther south, Hill Country, Texas is one of the country’s fastest-growing wine destinations.”

For: The Proposal

Trip: Romantic hideaway

You’re going to propose! Now is not the time to take her to a frat party (unless that’s what she’s into, in which case, good luck, buddy, you’ll need it!).

Tornatore suggests: “Beaver Creek, Colorado. It has a more exclusive and secluded feel than other ski resorts in the area, and there are lots of great couples activities: an ice rink, horse-drawn sleigh rides, mountain restaurants—and, of course, cozy hotel rooms with fireplaces. If you’re going to propose in winter, do it somewhere that looks good in snow!”

For: The One You Need to Impress

Trip: Surprise trip abroad

If you need to really knock a girl’s socks off, you’re going to have to think outside the box—and the borders—and that means giving her something she definitely can’t get at home.

Tornatore suggests: “If you don’t have the dollars to get to Europe, try Québec City in Canada. It’s a romantic hidden gem, with winding cobblestone streets, excellent French restaurants and bistros, and centuries-old buildings, and in February it will

have been transformed into a winter wonderland. It’s a beautiful destination that’s perfect for couples.”

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