Lea Michele Had the Best Response to an Internet Conspiracy Theory that She Can't Read or Write

"Literally laughing out loud at all this."
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Lea Michele has been reading about the conspiracy theory that she can't read or write—that she's illiterate. She thinks it's hilarious. 

The podcasters behind the theory pretty much made it up anyway, hoping it would take off. It did, and she finally responded in the tweet above. 

This kind of rumor isn't new, of course. The internet has figuratively killed multiple celebrities in the last several years

There have been several rumors about older celebs like Willie Nelson and much younger famous people such as Avril Lavigne. Hell, long before the internet was a thing, there was a longstanding rumor that Paul McCartney was dead. 

So creating a rumor that Lea Michele can't read because she left school and began performing at 8 or that Katy Perry is actually JonBenet Ramsey isn't quite as heavy as claiming someone is dead, but still it's worth it to point out that it isn't true, no matter how well-supported it seems.

Lea Michele is, in fact, an author in addition to a working performer on TV and Broadway. 

Based on her Instagram, she's also doing just fine in general. Check out some examples below.

h/t Daily Mail

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