Go Back to the Future With Lea Thompson's Doppelganger Daughter

This sexy 21 year old proves lightning can strike twice.
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(Photos: Universal & @zoeydeutch on Instagram)

(Photos: Universal & @zoeydeutch on Instagram)

Zoey Deutch is about to hit it big in Hollywood, with eight films in the cooker for the rest of 2016 and 2017. And doesn't she bear a strong resemblance to another actress, specifically your '80s-era crush?

The good bros at BroBible pointed out that the beautiful young actress just so happens to be the daughter of Back to the Future star Lea Thompson, which would explain her girl-next-door good looks.

Who cares if her mother and director father, Howard Deutch, probably helped her get her foot in the door? Her modeling career has been going strong for some time, she recently made a bra-less appearance at a Chanel party in Los Angeles, and she did rack up 535,000 Instagram followers all on her own.

Below, take it back to the future with these stunning shots, courtesy of Zoey's must-follow Instagram.

h/t BroBible