Lexy Panterra’s New Twerking Video Is a Butt-Shaking Good Time

Don’t try this at home, kids.


Twerking sensation Lexy Panterra is back at it again and this time, she’s stationed herself in the center of Sin City for her greatest booty popping video yet.

The YouTube star whose videos have garnered millions upon millions of views (for damn good reason) has utilized the overtly sexual hip thrusting talent as a way to develop fitness classes for women and the occasional man who wants to be just like her. Lexy claims her workouts will help boost your self esteem, but the only thing that’s certain is the tightening pants of whomever’s watching.

Watch below as Lexy twerks it out right on the Vegas Strip to a sensual rendition of “El Perdon” by Nicky Jam featuring Enrique Iglesias while unsuspecting tourists walk by in complete awe.


This video may be SFW, but keep a napkin handy to wipe the sweat off your brow – hot would be an understatement.