Lindsey Pelas Is So Hot She Could Set This Lamborghini on Fire

Only Lindsey can make a Lambo look plain.
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It's no secret that we are big fans of "genetically gifted" Louisiana native Lindsey Pelas. We're also into Lamborghinis, because who isn't, really? Naturally when we saw that Lindsey Pelas had posted some shots of her barely-clad self with a Lamborghini, it was inevitable we'd want to call your attention to such an incredible combination. 

It's only two shots with the Lambo, sure, but as always, Lindsey's Instagram provides a wealth of goodness, because while she's in LA, we know she's still a generous southern girl at heart—in all the ways that count.

We don't know about you but by now we've forgotten about the Lamborghini and are ready for more Lindsey. Get your fill from her Instagram, here