Watch Lindsey Pelas Get Weird With Whipped Cream In a Sexy Mattress Commercial

This is definitely pretty sweet.

Instagram bombshell Lindsey Pelas has lent her genetically-gifted awesomeness to a new mattress commercial, and it is definitely worth a watch...or five. 

A pink bra-clad Pelas first engages in some PG-rated bedroom play with a total nerd. Then she breaks out a can of whipped cream and sprays a dollop on her glorious chest, because you know, dreams do come true. Unfortunately, some of that sweetness ends up on the mattress, which her completely unlikely partner is none too pleased with.

Lindsey Pelas Mattress Commercial

The racy new ad, which was commissioned by Nest Bedding, is a departure from simpler Instababe plugs, which typically feature hotties hawking gluten-free breakfast bars, organic diet supplements and green tea-infused facial moisturizers. Not to mention other stuff you'll never use.

Kudos to our girl Lindsey for changing the game with a comedic mattress spot. 

Of course, the fire clip is just yet the latest gem from Lindsey's notoriously bonkers Instagram feed. 

Never change, Lindsey. Never change.