Sizzling Lindsey Pelas Can't Stop Posting Stunning Topless Shots on Instagram

How long can she get away with this?

Lindsey Pelas has said in the past that famous A-listers are always sliding into her Instagram DMs. Anytime we take another look at her page, though, we have to think: Who can blame them?

Lindsey is among the hardest working models who use the site, after all. She's also generous, in all the ways that count—with new photos and with her curves.

Another thing Lindsey does that has kept her follower count rising steadily is go right up to the line where Instagram's somewhat silly rules governing nudes are concerned. The first topless shot above, for example, seems like a pretty bold statement—even though as far as we can tell it doesn't break the social site's "no nipples" rule.

That's not the only killer pic Lindsey Pelas has posted in November that might get another look from Insta censors. Check out a few more below.

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