Lindsey Vonn's Intense Instagram Workouts Are the Fitness Inspiration We Need

This is what dedication looks like.

It's not secret that Lindsey Vonn loves... no, get her workouts in. 

The Olympic gold medalist may have recently broke her arm, but there's no way in hell that's keeping this skiing superstar out of the gym. "Just because my arm is broken doesn't mean I can't keep working my legs," she wrote on Instagram. Damn straight.

Vonn once even managed to squeeze a few sets of pull-ups in on the set of her sizzling-hot Sports Illustrated Swimsuit shoot while wearing nothing but body paint. Now that's dedication. 

If she can manage to muster up such epic amounts of persistence, maybe we can all quite making excuses about why we're not hitting the gym regularly this holiday season, right guys? 

So let some of Vonn's many intense Instagram workout pics and videos serve as the inspiration you need to not turn into a total slob this winter. 

What's to be gained from all this an intense exercise regimen like her's, you ask? A beautifully-toned bombshell of a body. Behold: 

h/t: FTW