Sizzling Lingerie Model Leanna Bartlett Is Your New Instagram Obsession

She's next-level hot.
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Leanna Bartlett has 2.6 million Instagram followers for a reason, and you should consider becoming one. In spite of her decidedly American-sounding name, she's from Ukraine. Soon Ukraine will get tired of its beautiful women going west and want them back.

But we're keeping Leanna. 

She's a swimsuit model as well, but we focused on her lingerie shots here, because, well, you can see why. You can also see that Leanna has a lot of fun pushing the boundaries of what Instagram allows, some of her see-through tops basically telling us everything we ever wanted to know.

She's modeled in a wide variety of situations, from appearing at auto shows to shoots for Guess. 

We don't have to guess why she gets those jobs. Leanna Bartlett is next level hot.

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