No One Makes Working Out Look Hotter Than Lindsey Vonn

Need a spotter, Lindsey?

Anyone can throw on some spandex, pretend to work out with 5-pound dumb bells, and snap some quick photos without breaking a sweat. Downhill skier and Olymipic gold medalist Lindsey Vonn, however, manages to look absolutely stunning as she works really hard to maintain her world-class athleticism and curvaceous body.

How do we know? Because she regularly posts videos and photos on Instagram of herself getting her workout on, the latest of which is a looped video of her doing some one legged squats in a bikini.

And there’s the time her pants ripped at the gym (oops).

She knows how to bust out hang cleans with perfect form…

…and how could we forget about her rocking out pull ups in nothing but body paint.

Keep the fitness updates coming, Lindsey. We can’t get enough.