Lindsey Pelas Bouncing in Nothing but Beads Will Get You in the Mardi Gras Spirit

Consider this a Fat Tuesday indulgence.

Lindsey Pelas Mardi Gras Promo
Still: Instagram/

Our hunch was correct—Lindsey Pelas is the star of “food porn” curator Chris Applebaum’s latest trio of sexy videos. 

We might have surmised the Mardis Gras theme, too, as the buxom Instababe is originally from Louisiana. 

Needless to say, this isn’t the first time she’s worn a beaded necklace and let loose on Fat Tuesday. However, this might be the first time she’s worn only a beaded necklace.

Since this is an EATS installment, Pelas co-stars alongside some festive food. She and a beignet—that’s a French fried dough, for the uninformed—look absolutely delicious covered in a liberal coat of powdered sugar.

You can’t have a proper Mardi Gras party without cake. After a thorough—and oddly sensual—taste test, the smoldering social media star digs in.

Enjoy more Fat Tuesday indulgences in the form of Pelas’ hottest recent Instagram photos below: