The Gorgeous Lori Loughlin Is the Only Reason to Consider Watching 'Fuller House'

Still got it.
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Full House was a family-friendly cutesy sitcom that's the latest victim of the American entertainment industry's reboot mania, with the latest update, Fuller House, launching on Netflix imminently. But with the memories of incessant cheesy one-liners from the Olsen twins and Bob Saget's mediocre (and distinctinly uncharacteristic) acting, we can think of just one reason to pay attention to the spin-off: Aunt Becky.

Stunning 51-year-old beauty Lori Loughlin somehow has perfect abs that we simply can't stop staring at. She was always our favorite character in an otherwise bland show, but she's become more gorgeous than ever over the years:

If you can't get enough of her on Instagram, you'll be able to watch her reprise her role as Aunt Becky when the new show premieres on February 26th. Who knows, with Loughlin returning to the cast, it might just be worth tuning in. 

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