This Sexy Airplane Pilot Posts Pics of Herself Doing Yoga All Around the World

We're both jealous and turned on.
Malin Rydqvist Promo [Instagram]

[Photos: Instagram] 

Take a moment to meet your new Instagram obsession, Myla Rydqvist. 

She's an extraordinarily beautiful Croation-based pilot of a Boeing 737 commercial jet, which on its own is a major turn-on. 

But what's really piqued the world's interest is her penchant for posting pics of herself striking sexy yoga poses in gorgeous settings around the globe. 

The Swedish stunner originally took up yoga to provide relief for a debilitating back injury she suffered in 2008 after a snowboarding accident, according to the Daily Mail.

"I tried everything and the only thing that really worked for me was yoga. It helps me to understand myself better and also to be a better person towards others. And it gets addictive."

As far as addictions go, yoga has to be one of the healthiest we've ever heard of, so more power to her. All we know is that we cannot get enough of this smokeshow's Instagram feed. Take a look, and we think you'll agree.

Follow Myla @flymeyoga on Instagram for more of these stunning shots. 

h/t: Uproxx