Country Star Maren Morris Claps Back at Body-Shamer Who Told Her to ‘Cover Up’

She will NOT be “in the middle” of any body-shaming.

Country music star Maren Morris, who sings on the the megahit Zedd banger “The Middle,” just got into the middle of an Instagram row with a body-shaming troll.

After posting a sexy shot of her wearing a black bodysuit with a plunging neckline, one commenter insisted the 28-year-old singer “respect herself and cover up.”

“Don’t cry foul when you’re asked to perform sex acts by a male,” the commenter bizarrely added.

Who knows what would have happened had the commenter seen her wearing a bra as a top, as seen in our recent expose of the pop star fashion trend.

Maren was NOT here for it. She promptly clapped back, writing, “Um, I’m married to @ryanhurd and he doesn’t need to ask.”

Her husband, fellow musician Ryan Hurd, weighed in, expressing alarm the criticism came from a woman…not a man.

“I don’t usually respond because Maren can handle herself, but I had a whole response to this based on the fact that usually only dudes leave that …on here but you’re a woman!”

“Maybe even a mom … I would hope no one ever said something like that to you or maybe your poor, poor daughter, who will probably grow up in a house that tells her that her own body is a bad thing.”

Don’t worry about Maren; she’s having a laugh over the ordeal. She shared a screenshot of the comment on Instagram and even claimed that the body-shaming comment made her “genuinely laugh.”

Three days later, Maren shared another Instagram photo of her eating a cheeseburger, licking her fingers in delight at the takedown of her hater.

“Some turds on my last picture had the cowardly gall to suggest that I deserved creepy sexual advances from men for my clothing, so I ought to cover up,” she wrote in the caption. 

“I refuse to ever, EVER be ashamed of the body God gave me,” she added. “I’m proud to be Irish, Native American, English… proud of my cellulite and proud of my strong back + arms. I worked my ass off on my body the last few months, and I’m proud to show that work.”

We expect Maren Morris to double down with more fiery Instagram posts.