Watch Margot Robbie Adorably Explain Australian Slang

It’s the accent that kills us.

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Even though it’s technically English, Australian slang boasts an array of oddball expressions. But in a new Vanity Fair video, current Legend of Tarzan and future Suicide Squad star Margot Robbie is here to help explain the greatest Aussie phrases ever.

From the difference between an American “fanny” and an Australian “fanny,” to what a “ratbag” is, her heartwarming Australian accent shines. And it’s actually pretty impressive how quickly she manages to translate “thong” (which is always a sandal, not underwear in Aussie-speak), “crook,” “chuck a sickie” and “bottle-o” in rapid-fire fashion.

Watch this four minutes of Australian bliss—it’s just another reason to be thankful for Margot Robbie. 

h/t The Scene