Here’s How Much Men Are Willing to Spend to Go on a Date With Margot Robbie

Can’t promise a second date, though.


Margot Robbie at the premiere of ‘The Legend Of Tarzan’ (Photo: Gregg DeGuire/WireImage/Getty Images)

That husky Australian accent, golden blonde hair, and undeniable acting brilliance, most guys would give an arm and a leg to snag a date with Margot Robbie.

How does $54,838 sound?

A new, albeit deeply strange study from the U.K. found that the average lad would drop that exact sum for just one date with the beautiful Suicide Squad and Wolf of Wall Street star. 

It turns out, men are willing to drop a lot of coin to improve their lot: the average man would pay $198,198 for naturally good teeth, $204,706 to be super intelligent, $168,840 for perfect skin, $208,266 to be better looking, and a dismal $252,549 to be more confident.

But if they could secure a second date with Margot, all those insecurities would effortlessly melt away.

h/t New York Post