Watch Margot Robbie Reveal Her Love For Metallica and Slipknot

She really is the perfect woman.

margot robbie metal fan

No one was more excited about Metallica’s first-ever performance on The Tonight Show Thursday night than Suicide Squad actress Margot Robbie.

During her interview with Jimmy Fallon, Robbie made the pretty awesome admission that she not only is a diehard fan of musical guest Metallica, but also had an obsession in her youth with the “heaviest of heavy metal,” including hard-hitting acts like Bullet for My Valentine and Silverstein. 

Robbie even went so far as to say that to this day the best concert she’s ever been was a performance from the always-deranged metal act Slipknot, saying that “even if you don’t like metal, you would still appreciate a Slipknot concert because it’s just so incredible to watch.”

H/T Metal Injection