Watch Leaked Footage of Margot Robbie Truly Becoming Tonya Harding as She Yells ‘Suck My D*ck’

This is actually hilarious.

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Since her Harley Quinn was the crazy bright spot in Suicide Squad, we know Margot Robbie is a great actress who easily pulls off out-sized characters. Her starring turn in I, Tonya—a drama about scheming wild-child skater Tonya Harding—hasn’t even finished filming yet but we’ve already got footage proving Margot is totally nailing the role.  

This snippet is from a scene in which Harding appears to be yelling at another character and insisting that the competition in which she’s skating is fixed. There’s a lot of anger but Robbie’s perfectly-pitched Midwestern American accent makes it so on-point as to be funny, too. 

This footage comes in addition to another leaked video of Robbie showing off some world-class skating moves in a different scene. 

I, Tonya also stars Sebastian Stan as Nancy Kerrigan kneecapper Jeff Gilooly and Caitlin Carver as Kerrigan. It’s due in theaters in 2018, and we’re looking forward to it. 

h/t Brobible