Meet the Super Sexy Swedish Airplane Pilot With the Beautiful Bikini Bod

Fasten your seat belts.
Maria Fagerstrom Sexy Pilot.png

Remember Myla Rydqvist, that insanely sexy Croation commercial jet pilot who does yoga all over the world? Well, we're overjoyed to report that she's not the only sexy thing flying high in the sky. Gentlemen, meet Maria Fagerström. 

The stunning 24 year old hails from Sweden, and like Myla, she pilots a Boeing 737, loves doing yoga, and has a smoking hot Instagram we couldn't stop following if we tried. 

Prepare to have your mind blown, because we've got some even more great news. There's a third one of these follow-worthy bombshell pilots, also named Maria.

What's more, the tantalizing trio are apparently all best friends. 

We thank the Instagram gods for introducing us to such a magnificently sexy trio of women.

h/t: The Chive