Watch Supermodel Marisa Miller Rock an 'iPod Bikini' in This Sizzling Throwback Video

Sweet Mother of God.
Marisa Miller 2

In 2008, supermodel Marisa Miller was on fire, even landing on the cover of Maxim.

And other red-blooded titles are still following our lead nearly a decade later. In this newly revealed throwback clip from Sports Illustrated, Miller recounts a 2007 photo shoot in Jamaica which spawned her famed "iPod bikini" photo. 

"The iPod was the bottom, and I was just covering myself with the earphones," she says. "I think it was the video iPod, which is a little larger. We couldn't have an iPod mini or anything like that."

We haven't even thought about iPods in a long time, but this is definitely one of the Apple MP3 player's best moments. 

Marisa Miller 3

Since we're already in a nostalgic mood, let's head to venerable supe's Instagram feedto and admire some of more of her sexiest throwback moments. Enjoy!