Let Belgian Beauty Marisa Papen Take You on a Naked Journey Through Saint-Tropez

Looks fun.

Marisa Papen is back at it.

This time, she is not alarming religious authorities by stripping down in Jerusalem or being tossed in Egyptian prison for streaking in front of the Pyramids.

Rather, the Belgian model looks at home in a place that celebrates some skin… the French Riviera.

In these shots taken in Saint-Tropez by Werner Stoltz, Papen romps around the glitzy Mediterranean vacation spot, posing nude by vintage cars, hanging from yachts and lounging in cafés in the au naturale.

Papen wrote on her blog that she had some hesitations about the shoot, but they weren’t related to showing skin.

“I honestly never thought I’d ever set foot in a place like Saint-Tropez,” she said.

“I’ve been close quite some times but always made a big turn around it, just because in so many ways it goes completely against everything I stand for or believe in,” she added. 

“But I figured what if I’d go, and mess around a bit with this bling-bling borough.”

“I have to admit, I had loads of fun. Enjoyed every minute of this weekend,” she conceded. “Will I ever go again? Probably not.”