Behold These Stunning Images From a Top Erotic Photographer

Photographer Markus Henttonen captures sensual images of beautiful women for a living.

For Markus Henttonen, photography is more than a job, art form or creative outlet: It’s a lifestyle. 

The Barcelona-based visual artist has an obvious gift for capturing striking photos of beautiful women—just check out the photo gallery above showcasing his work, selected by Henttonen himself.

His photos have been displayed in prestigious galleries and festivals across Europe, including the NRW-Forum in Dusseldorf, the Benaki Museum in Athens, and the Copenhagen Photo Festival.

Henttonen has also landed campaigns for big-name clients like Nokia and Sony and shot photo features for international editions of Cosmopolitan, Elle, Glamour and Women’s Health.    

“For me, it is important to convey a story with emotion in the photograph,” he says. “I seek the same whether it is a portrait of a person or a landscape image.” 

“My works often have a bit of cinematic feel, a kind of storytelling aspect of what is happening before or right after the image is taken. That way the focus is more on the emotions and story.”

Henttonen accomplishes all that while ensuring his subjects are completely comfortable. 

“I’ve gotten comments from models that I shot—naked or clothed—saying that they felt very natural working with me. I feel that is the best feedback.” 

“Photography for me is a lifestyle,” he adds. “I could not think my life without it.”

See more selections from Henttonen’s impressive body of work below: