What a Beautiful Girl Wants: Marloes Horst

Find out when this Dutch stunner feels her sexiest.

Marloes Horst was born for the runway. The 27-year-old Dutch stunner initially wanted to be a vet as a kid before she started by sending pictures to modeling agencies with my friend. Ten years later, she’s a fixture of fashion bibles from Vogue to Glamor

“Now I’ve got a life of seeing the world, experiencing different cultures and meeting amazing people,” she told Maxim. “I am very blessed.”

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When is the best time for a man to approach you?
Any time really,.. I mean who doesn’t like to get a compliment!

When should a guy never approach you?
Most unwanted moment for me to be approached is when I’m walking my dog. That’s our time … so back off people!

What personality traits do you look for?
He has to be a gentleman! Also he needs to be able to keep up a conversation … I can’t have any more boring dinners.

What turns you off?
I have quite a dry and sarcastic sense of humor that doesn’t always get received very well. That’s a deal breaker for me!

What is your ideal date?
He picks me up, we go for dinner and grab a drink after. Old school.

When do you feel sexiest?
After my morning shower.

How can a man make a woman feel sexy?
By telling her she’s beautiful when she’s in sweatpants!