NC State Basketball Coach Mark Gottfried’s Daughter is a Total Slam Dunk on Instagram

And we’ve got 15 sexy pics to prove it.

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Mark Gottfried might be coaching the Wolfpack for his last season, but his gorgeous daughter Mary is currently climbing through the ranks of the intensely competitive modeling industry.

Having graduated from NC State in 2015, the blonde beauty was swiftly signed to one the country’s most prestigious modeling firms, New York Model Management.

Take a look through the gallery above, and you’ll understand why she’s one of the most promising aspiring models in the biz. 

We also had a quick chat with Mary to find out how her dad really feels about his only daughter shooting bikini shots…

How does it feel to have people loving your Instagram account?
It’s great to see people engaging in my account! I love what I’m doing right now, and being able to travel around the globe and see the world has been an amazing experience. I’m glad that people are enjoying my posts, and I’m excited to see how my social media presence will grow.

What does your dad think?
Ha, That’s a great question. My dad has always encouraged me to do what makes me happy. He gave me the desire to travel at a young age, and he’s been very encouraging of my modeling career. My four brothers, on the other hand, are a bit more protective when it comes to some of my posts.

Are you single?
Nope! Not single. 

We’re happy for you. What do you look for in a guy?
I look for someone who makes me laugh, and someone who challenges me in life.

h/t: The Smoke Room