Watch Maxim Cover Girl Contest Winner Olivia Burns In New Lingerie Video

Watermelon, anyone?
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Maxim's January/February cover girl contest winner Olivia Burns would be a stunner in floppy sweats, but we'd rather see her in lingerie. And covered with watermelon juice. 

That last part is a left-hand turn until you see these videos. 

Made by Chris Applebaum for EATS, this particular series is meant to honor National Underwear Day — a.k.a. the best day of the year when Olivia is the one in wearing the lingerie. She was our cover girl for a reason, after all.

The video is also perfect for summer, when there are seemingly beautiful, scantily-clad women everywhere and watermelon is a staple at just about any outdoor gathering.

If you were soaked with watermelon outdoors on a summer day, you might attract sugar-loving insects. That's not a problem here — Olivia Burns just attracts eyes from viewers who appreciate such a tasty treat.

You've made it this far. Check out some shots from Olivia's Insta below. You might have to get outside, turn on the sprinklers and cool off.