Maxim Loves…Kate Upton Commercials

There’s nothing we wouldn’t buy if she told us to.

This week we’re paying homage to one of our first loves: Kate Upton. The gorgeous supermodel is best known for her alluring 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover, which redefined the meaning of “string bikini.” After the issue hit stands, the young model’s career seemed to blow up overnight. These days you can’t go anywhere without seeing Upton’s iconic curves – whether it be in print, on TV, or on the big screen – and we couldn’t be more grateful. While we await Kate‘s first big role in The Other Woman, due out this spring, we’re keeping ourselves warm by watching some of her hottest commercials. You can watch, too – but for the love of God, please keep your hands where we can see them.

Carl’s Jr. 

LOVE Magazine

Hot Pockets

Zoo York

Gillette Body Grooming


Mercedes CLA

MLB 2K12