Maxim Reviews Britney Spears’ New Lingerie Ads

Be mean if you must, but she looks good.

Britney Spears, who you may remember from being extremely famous a decade ago, went through a rough patch. Now, it looks like she’s come out on the other side. Exhibit A: Her recent work designing and posing in lingerie. She’s in great shape, and has a healthy tan and long golden locks again. The lingerie isn’t half bad either.

The promotional videos could use some work. In the one below, a piano plays as Britney provides a voiceover from the perspective of a pair of underwear. This sounds good in theory, but…actually, scratch that. It sounds like a terrible idea in theory. At one point the camera glides over a letter written in flourishing calligraphy. The letter says the same things that the underwear is talking about through Britney Spears. Did the underwear dictate the letter to Britney? Did the underwear write the letter? 

The photos are a different beast. Each one is bathed in glowing light, with the soft focus turned up to eleven. Think of scenes from a late-nineties pop video – and, well, we guess that makes sense. Still, like in all her hit videos, she manages to look stunning. Britney knows what works for her. 

Click through and see them for yourself. 

Photos by Britney Spears Gets Into the Lingerie Business