Former Olympic Gymnast McKayla Maroney Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Sharing Sexy Photos on Instagram

We’re not complaining.

McKayla Marone Promo
Left: Getty Images

Former Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney became the target of body-shaming trolls a few months ago after she posted a truly booty-ful video. She responded by telling haters to unfollow her if they have a problem and continued to share even more scorching-hot photos.   

In her latest eye-popping pic, for instance, she opened up her top to reveal some seriously alluring cleavage.

The Olympic silver medalist-turned Instagram seductress sported an extremely low-cut shirt in another smoldering shot from 2016 that definitely attracted some eyeballs. Oh, and she’s also drinking a green smoothie, in case you care.

She also rocked the hell out of a couple different bikinis that exhibit her world-class gymnast’s physique.

And then there’s this all-American short-shorts and crop top combo. Damn.

If they add a sexiness event to the 2020 Olympics, we definitely want Maroney to represent the U.S.A. Here are five more reasons why: