Meet The First Lady Of NASCAR, Christmas Abbott

The first woman ever to join a NASCAR pit crew found a spare few seconds to answer the same 10 questions we always ask everyone!

Between being in the pit crew for NASCAR and being a CrossFit athlete, do you ever find time to sleep?

I have to time-manage all of my days and weeks! It is very difficult, but it’s rewarding. 

What attracted you to NASCAR?

I really enjoyed the challenge of changing tires. It interested me in a similar way that CrossFit did. 

What’s the appeal of CrossFit? It looks like hard work…

It’s a great primary workout regimen. And it’s also a great secondary to get fit for sport-specific training.

If a guy isn’t as athletic as you, would you still date him?

Absolutely. I just need him to understand my dedication to fitness and health. If he’s intimidated, he’s not my guy.

What kind of guy interests you? Besides, going by the last answer, “Clearly not us?”

A guy that I can be weird and goofy around without judgment. I’m quirky, and he needs to understand that side of me!


What was the last thing you had to apologize for?

I was on the set of Tattoo Titans as a judge last week, and while judging a tattoo I said the hair on it looked like horse hair…although I didn’t need to apologize, I thought I should.  

What’s your favorite curse word?

Bollocks. It’s just fun to say and generally appropriate.  

What’s the worst hangover you’ve ever had?

The worst? It must have been years ago and I have purged it from my memory! The most recent one was when I worked out to punish myself then ate Bojangles…it was a great day.  

What was your first car?

A Volkswagen Cabrio. I loved driving with the top down, even in winter. 

Do you have a scar that tells a story?

I have a scar on my hand from a terrible car accident when I was 13, otherwise all of my tattoos tell a story.  

Do you have a party trick?

I’m pretty quirky and weird, so I don’t have a “party trick,” but I’m usually entertaining just in my behavior.  

What’s the biggest thing you’ve ever put in your mouth?

Other than my foot? A sushi roll. It was massive, but I didn’t want to eat it in two bites so I shoved it in all at once. Then I couldn’t chew it! It took about five minutes to choke it down, but I did it

What’s the one thing to remember in a fist fight?

Take out your earrings first.   

Who was the last person to see you naked? 

So not telling!  

Finish this sentence: If I ruled the world for a day, I would…

Eat cupcakes while flying in Air Force One to spend the day in Disney World with no wait for the rides with all of my family and friends. I’m hoping to make that happen soon!