Meet the Naked Motorcycle Rider, AKA Your Future Wife

She had nothing but the motor on.

The week can really only go downhill from here. According to Mirror UK, an entirely nude, intrepid woman shed her inhibitions (as well as her helmet, tsktsk) to take the joy ride of a lifetime in Voronezh, Russia. The motorcyclist, who police presume is male, chauffeured this buck-naked daredevil through the streets for all to see. The whole scene was very conveniently filmed by a passing car, who has somehow, rather poetically, has given it a soundtrack courtesy of Fergie. Stranger things have happened.

The cops are still on the hunt for her, and when they track her down, we hope they’ll give us her number. Check out the (mildly NSFW) video right here.,AAAAAPudZCE~,XX4gHkw25zFZQ2lOdFGdw05YoTtbUw-s&bctid=4334049856001