Meet Pharrell’s Beautiful Baes

The musician’s backup dancers and singers are popping, twerking, twisting, and working it like no others. 

Pharrell’s bounty of beautiful backup dancers and singers – also known as “the Baes” – have been making quite the name for themselves as of late. While some of these women have been in the industry for years, others were only recently discovered via social media (ah, the wonders of the Internet). Adidas-clad from head to toe, these talented performers have come from all over the globe to pop it, twerk it, twist it, and work it for the almighty Skateboard P.

Says the “Happy” singer/songwriter, “I have been touring the world with an amazing group of people supporting me on and off stage. The Baes are a large part of the experience and I am so grateful to them for their hard work and dedication. The name of the album is ‘G I R L,’ and each of these women brings her own unique energy and talents to the equation. Without them, there is no show.” 

Since we at Maxim know also how to appreciate the beauty in the background, we give you the Baes in all their glory:

​Brya  Underwood

Aye Hasegawa

Ai Shimatsu

​Christina Chandler

Khadija Shari

Latrelle “Munchie” Simmons

Rhea Drummett

Mette Towley

Any questions? 

How about now? 

Or now?

Didn’t think so.

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