Meet the Queens of Instagram

Dive in with four Instagram beauties who are on the fast track to social-media supremacy.

Meet Julia Kelly, Kyra Santoro, Mara Teigen, and Isabelle Cornish. Whether rocking bikinis on the beach or pausing mid-workout at the gym to shoot another perfect selfie (iPhone held aloft in mirror), they’re all about capturing hearts – the kind that appear when you “like” their photos on Instagram. And they are very, very good at amassing those likes, attracting and maintaining followers, and burnishing their personal brands. It’s not just that they’re impossibly gorgeous; they’re experts on which filters to use, how to hashtag, and when to post pictures. They optimize. They hustle. They’ve mastered the art of making it as a model in the Instagram-obsessed age of Kendall and Karlie, where social media reigns supreme and big breaks come to those with big followings. Which is why these four Insta-up-and-comers are already making a major splash and posting their way to prominence. 

Photos by Photographed by Akila Berjaoui