Meet Your New “Batman vs. Superman” Wonder Woman: The Super-Hot Gal Gadot!

We can’t think of a better recipient for those star-spangled underpants.

As arbiters of all things hot in lady-land, we’ve had our eye on former Miss Israel, Gal Gadot, for quite some time. It seems the rest of the world is finally catching up, because she’s just been cast as Wonder Woman in the upcoming Superman vs. Batmanmovie. It’s a welcome piece of news for comic book fans hoping to see DC put a Justice League movie together along the lines of Marvel’s The Avengers, since, in addition to Wonder Woman, it’s rumored there will be cameos from other heroes, such as The Flash. It’s even better news, of course, for red-blooded men everywhere, because as she showed in Maxim‘s classic Israeli Defense Forces photo shoot, Gal Gadot can do tough and sexy in equal measure. There’s no word yet on whether she’ll be tying up men with her magical lasso in this incarnation, but, well, here’s hoping…

Photos by Leon Neal / AFP / Getty Images | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013