Megan Fox is Now Co-Owner of a Famous Lingerie Brand

Frederick’s of Hollywood just got way sexier.

Megan Fox (Armani)

Megan Fox (Armani)
Megan Fox models for an Armani campaign. 

Megan Fox is no stranger to lending her face (and gorgeous body) to different brand campaigns. That’s why news of her latest deal with lingerie giant Frederick’s of Hollywood shouldn’t come as a surprise – in fact, it’s actually a perfect pairing.

The smokeshow mother of 3 was named brand ambassador, stakeholder, and creative partner of the company that, just a few months back, was purchased by Authentic Brands Group after filing for bankruptcy.

Fox is eager to show her passion for fashion and will help to shift the scanty garments from adorably trashy to a little more classy.

The New York Post reported Fox’s line is described as “sexy comfort” with “fuller coverage,” but the risqué garments the brand is famous for won’t go away. 

“There’s a clientele for those items, but there’s also now something for the everyday woman who goes to work and is a mom,” [Chief Executive Jamie] Salter added. Frederick’s is even going as far to attempt at an appeal towards men, with an underwear line appropriately labeled “Fred.”

The new Frederick’s line is said to hit stores late next year and featured in its Spring 2017 campaign, providing yet another reason to obsess over this Maxim favorite. Not much can go wrong with Megan at the helm.