Meghan Markle’s Long-Lost ‘90210’ Sex Scene Is the Wildest Thing She Ever Filmed

The Queen isn’t gonna like this.

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In a society as class-conscious as Britain, it is hard to escape one’s past. Just ask royal-to-be Meghan Markle, the stunning American actress set to marry Prince Harry on Saturday.

Not only has the merciless British press dug up every tawdry Markle family scandal, they have also unearthed a risqué scene from the actress’ early career, before she got famous on Suits.

(Photos: Getty Images & The CW)

In the pilot of the 90210 reboot, which aired on The CW in 2008, Meghan Markle had a non-speaking role as “Anonymous Hot Girl Caught Giving Guy Head in His Car.”

The Queen is advised to look away. See what a royal blowjob looks like in the video, above.

In the days before the Royal Wedding, Markle has been embroiled in scandal. It was revealed her own father staged paparazzi photos in exchange for money, her estranged half-siblings have repeatedly bad-mouthed her to the press and her weed-farming nephew named a new strain after her.

You really can’t pick your family… or your early acting roles.

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