You Need to Check Out the Youtube Channel of Yanet Garcia, Mexico's Hottest Weather Girl

She's like a human heat wave.
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Mexican news stations handle the whole weather segment thing a little differently. Many broadcasters are not that concerned about their weather girls being meteorologists; they just want them to be gorgeous and fun. There may be no better example of that than Yanet Garcia, who regularly lights up living rooms across Mexico for Televisa Monterrey.

Yanet can count us among her fans, that's for sure. In the past we've been most familiar with her Instagram account, which admittedly is amazing.

Via COED, we've learned of Yanet's Youtube Channel, and we have to agree, it's amazing in its own way, as demonstrated by the video above. Below are some more videos from the lovely Yanet, all demonstrating her characteristic humor and charisma. 

Admit it, after this, you'll be considering ways to move to Monterrey, Mexico solely to catch the daily weather forecast.