Mexico's Hottest Weather Girl Yanet Garcia Just Reached 4 Million Instagram Followers and Celebrated With a Killer Butt Selfie

Got all that?
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Yanet Garcia's day job has been to keep residents of Monterrey, Mexico informed about the weather conditions in their area. As Monterrey is sunny and warm, she's not out chasing tornadoes or doing reports about blizzards, so Yanet has had time to establish herself as a celebrity—and her amazing reward (above) to followers for reaching the 4 million mark on Instagram shows why. 

If you can think of another weather forecaster who so thoroughly owns the butt selfie game, we'll be shocked (and appalled, if we're talking, like, Jim Cantore or something). That's not all Yanet has going on, of course—she's charming and funny in videos and does a killer runway walk—but her belfie game is off the charts. 

No one gets to 4 million followers without giving those fans something worth the click, and that's 100 percent the case with our favorite weather girl. Huge congrats to Yanet Garcia on reaching a major social media milestone.

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